Packages To Meet Your Needs



The Emerald packages is a perfect starter packages for those on a limited budget but still want to be able to achieve a fully professional look. None of our packages would ever jeopardize the look, they only scale back on content to meet those on a tighter budget. Starting as low as 1599.00


The Sapphire Package gets you 3 cameras which captures most everything you would need. The package is our most common choice for the average couple. It meets the needs of quality and and the coverage you get is supreme. Start as low as 2299.00


The Diamond Package is what the name suggests. It will bring the production value that you would expect were actually going to be aired on TV. The added cameras bring you every conceivable viewpoint from the couple to the reaction shots of the guests. Starting as low as 3299.00

Custom Packages


Ceremony & Reception Only

You wont be disappointed by the lovely visuals as the highest state of the art cameras are still used even for those with a tight budget. We would never skimp on the quality of the final product. So capture the most important part of the day, the Wedding and Reception and it will make you smile for years to come. Starting as low as 999.00

Ala Carte Add-on's

You want something outside of our basic packages? Then build your own, starting with a base and adding any of the addon's listed here. Still not enough? Have fun and let us know what you want. Our expert camera operators will do whatever you need to get the project done, beautifully! Call for Quotes

Custom Indie Docu-Style

A complete Indy Documentary of your most important day. We have an outline but you are not confined to it. This is the time to get imaginative and creative! It's your time and we will be there to capture every frame! Click below or  talk to one of our consultants about how to make this very special film about your most important day. Call for Custom Quote