Additional Services

Additional Professional Videographer

Need an extra videographer for an hour or two. No worries, we can get you one at an hourly rate. Rates will vary on the type of work and equipment. Call for Details.

Every Moment Captured / Raw Footage

Would you like every frame of footage, even the stuff on the cutting room floor? No problem, since the footage is quite large we can set you up with a separate external USB drive that you can easily connect to your PC. Call for Details.

Same Day Edit

Just can't wait to share your special day with everyone. We can put together a 2 to 3 minute trailer the very same day! Call for Details.

Extended Coverage

While in most cases all of the event will be covered, there may be something special that alls outside of the scope such as rehearsal dinner or a visit back to the place you met? No problem, let us know and we will work with you to meet your expectations. Call for Details.

Additional Media / DVD's

Need an few extra DVD's to share with family and friends. Just let us know and will make sure to get the job done. Call for Pricing

Post-Production Studio

Consisting of the latest hardware and software technology our Post-Production Suite will turn your day into a day to remember forever. Professional color grading and graphics will create a timeless experience.

Extracted Digital Stills

Video captures at 24 frames per second on occasion there is that perfect picture that the photographer may have missed that the video camera caught. Need it in a print form. Tell us the frame you want and we will grab the original RAW Frame, clean it up and get it ordered. Call for Pricing.

Photo Montage

Are there people or pets that have since departed that you want to be part of your day? Or even those great old photos of when you first met? Supply us with the photos and we will incorporate them in a montage throughout your wedding video. Call for details & Pricing.

Pre-wedding Interview

How about sharing some thoughts of each other? Some times the answers can be heartfelt and sometimes downright funny. Set up a pre-interview to capture those thoughts that you both have about each other. Call for details.

Rehearsal Dinner

Some of the lighter moments are the day before the big day. Capture these moments before they are lost to forever. Call for details.

Save The Date

A new spin on the old invitation idea. Film a funny, silly, romantic, "Save the Date" invitation. Your friends will love it, you will have fun doing it and no one will forget it... In a good way.. We hope :) Call for details.


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