Complete Indy Style Documentary

What is it about?

It's about you. The both of you. Everything you are and everything you will be. It's about your individual history, it's about your history as a couple. Its about the past, it's about the present and it's about what the future holds for the both of you.

From the Engagement Party Through the End of Your Honeymoon

Well we won't be there on your honeymoon but we will be there afterward to capture your thoughts and photos in which to integrate with your Wedding Film.

Some Events to Chronicle

- Each of Your History
- The Save the Date Film
- The Engagement Party
- The Wedding Shower
- The Personal Interviews of the both of you
- Interviews of Friends & Family
- The Story of How You Met
- Revisiting Places that are Important
- The Rehearsal Dinner
- The Pre-ceremony
- The Wedding Ceremony
- The Introductions
- The Toasts
- The Reception
- The Dancing
- The Wedding Guests Interview
The Farewell
- The Recap After The Honeymoon
- The Pictures

All wrapped up into a beautiful timeless film that will never grow old.  Delivered in High Definition from state of the art, Digital Cinema Cameras. But there is more. Let your imagination run wild. Whatever you are up for, we can deliver. Give us a call to start planning your Wedding movie today!


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